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Why Everyone Needs To Watch “Normal People” Right Now

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marist chapter.

Quarantine has left many of us with a great deal more time on our hands.  I’ve been filling my days inside with a lot of great T.V.  My most recent watch?  One of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time, Normal People.  

Normal People follows Marianne and Connell through their trek into adulthood, beginning at High School in a small village in Ireland.  The two teens could not be more different, with Connell being a shy-yet-popular jock, and Marianne being outspoken, brash, well-off, and friendless.  Despite their differences, the two feel a connection that takes them on a whirlwand of emotions from High School, to college, and eventually, adult life.     

The show addresses several important themes including intimacy, love, friendship, depression, anxiety, sex, consent, and abuse, leaving viewers with plenty to think about.  I’ve never felt more connected to two characters in my life, with there being moments that deeply resonated with me in every single episode.

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Via Everton Vila on Unsplash
I lauged, I cried, and I deeply felt while watching Normal People.  When you find yourself staring into space, just thinking, after watching the final episode of a series, you know you’ve sound something way better than normal.

Watch Normal People on Hulu now.

Elizabeth is a senior at Marist College studying Public Relations and Advertising.  Currently serving as the Editor in Chief and CC of the Marist Chapter, she enjoys writing about entertainment, music, lifestyle, and news.