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Why Cleaning Up Your Facebook Profile is More Important than Ever

Lately social media sites have been having an identity crisis. Instagram is trying to become Snapchat, Facebook Messenger is trying to become Snapchat, and apparently Facebook is now trying to become LinkedIn? Facebook has been adding a lot to its “Explore” section lately – you can save posts to look back to later, buy and sell on Facebook Marketplace, and now look for a job. That’s right, Facebook now has a jobs tab where Facebook users can post and browse job opportunities. This icon seemed to pop-up overnight with no warning to current Facebook users whose information may now be available to employers. Here are some spring cleaning tips to update your Facebook profile in case a future employer stumbles upon it.

1. Sort through your photos

Having photos with your friends at the bar (if you’re 21 and over) or with a few drinks in your hands is not a terrible image to have online. But the photo from last summer where you’re passed out on the couch or funnelling a beer might not be an image you want to keep on your profile. You can save it on your computer or create a private album that only people you choose can see.

2. “Unlike” some pages

When you first made your Facebook account there is no doubt you “liked” a bunch of different pages and groups. It is time to remove pages like “i h8 sko0l” and “MuSiC Is My LiFe” from your Facebook profile if you haven’t already. None of us are the same person we were when we were 12.

3. Purge

Time to spend some time with your friends list on Facebook and make some cuts. The guy who sat behind you in ninth grade history who you never talked to? Gone. Your best friend’s ex-boyfriend’s sister? Gone. The girl who friend-requested everyone in the Marist 2017 Facebook page after we were all accepted to Marist who you actually never saw on campus? Gone. That guy who lives in your town and always posts annoying things? Gone.

4. Privacy Settings

With Facebook making all of these changes, make sure only the people you allow can see your profile. Check your privacy settings every so often to make sure nothing has been altered. You can also update privacy setting for individual posts and photo albums if you want to restrict access to what you post even more.

Paige Moran is a Senior at Marist College with a major in Secondary English Education, concentration in Literature, and minors in Psychology, and Global Studies. When Paige isn't proofreading all of her friend's papers you can find her petting any nearby dogs and puppies, reading, blasting good tunes, or adventuring with her friends and her camera. 
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