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“What’s Your Sign?” “I Don’t Know…”

Do you ever hear something that blows your mind so incredibly, it feels as if your entire life is a lie? It’s an experience comparable to when kids first finds out Santa isn’t real. Or when the world figured out that the “no tears” on L’Oreal Shampoo bottles was referring to no tears in your hair, not tears from your eyes. 

Similar to these revelations, a recent statement from NASA is making many people question their entire existence. Apparently, there’s a thirteenth zodiac sign that we never knew about, and the sign you’ve accepted since birth probably isn’t your sign at all.

“He asked my sign. I said a Sag.” I used to relate to this Nicki Minaj lyric on a spiritual level, but it seems that neither of us are actually a Sagittarius after all. NASA has identified Ophiuchus (don’t ask me how to pronounce that) as the thirteenth sign, attributed to those born between November 29th and December 17th.

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According to ZodiacBooks.com, an Ophiuchus is characterized as, “a spirited, magnetic, impulsive, clever, flamboyant, and at times jealous, power-hungry, and temperamental being who wants to heal the world of all ills and bring everyone closer together.”

Ophiuchus is also referred to as “The Serpent Bearer,” which is an unfortunate downgrade from the Archer of Sagittarius. I, personally, refuse to accept this new sign as my own. However, those who are deeply interested in astrology may not be able to dismiss the finding as easily as I have.

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If you’re wondering how this happened, the shortened version is that the Babylonians simply left this new sign out when they created the calendar. The twelve zodiac signs fit better by omitting Ophiuchus. Now, 3,000 years later, the Earth has tilted on its axis and the sky has shifted. The star has been identified, so there’s no way to ignore the thirteenth sign that none of us asked for.

For those who take zodiac signs as seriously as I do, we consider this new finding a major blow. Many people use horoscopes to predict certain aspects of their lives, define their personalities or explain why they are the way they are. The character description of a Sagittarius has always mirrored perfectly with myself, but what if it was all in my head? What if I grew up to view myself in a certain way, or emphasized specific parts of my character to match the sign? Could it be that zodiac signs are, in general, completely invalid and unreliable?

Mind = blown.

This new sign doesn’t just affect this former-Sag though; Ophiuchus alters the entire zodiac calendar. The updated dates and signs are as follows:

Capricorn: Jan. 20 – Feb. 16

Aquarius: Feb. 16 – March 11

Pisces: March 11 – April 18

Aries: April 18 – May 13

Taurus: May 13 – June 21

Gemini: June 21 – July 20

Cancer: July 20 – Aug. 10

Leo: Aug. 10 – Sept. 16

Virgo: Sept. 16 – Oct. 30

Libra: Oct. 30 – Nov. 23

Scorpio: Nov. 23 – Nov. 29

Ophiuchus: Nov. 29 – Dec. 17

Sagittarius: Dec. 17 – Jan. 20

Is your sign the same? If not, you understand my pain. It’s as if the entire solar system just handed us a massive smack in the face.

Courtney is a Pop Culture Blogger for Her Campus National and contributor to the Her Campus Marist College chapter. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communications, is an avid feminist and eventual professional journalist.
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