Update Your Dorm Room - Spring Style!

Who doesn’t absolutely adore the Springtime? Between the return of chic, warm weather clothing and getting to spend more time outdoors on the campus green, the Spring months are undoubtedly some of the best of the year. Of course, your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that needs updating for the spring…your dorm room does too! After enduring the seemingly never-ending winter, your dorm room definitely needs to be cleaned!

Firstly, you must start updating your dorm room for the Spring by doing a deep clean. Essentially, this means that you must go through all of your belongings and eliminate anything that is adding unnecessary clutter, is bulky, or is no longer needed. You’d be surprised how much unneeded junk gets stored in your room and ends up taking up valuable space…and in a dorm, space is at a premium! Furthermore, it’s a fabulous idea to get some cleaning done before you need to pack up your belongings soon to head back to your home state.

After you’ve thoroughly cleaned your room, give the floor a once over with a Swiffer, vacuum your carpet, and dust surfaces such as your dresser and vanity.The point is that, before you get to the exciting part of Spring re-decorating, you must first be sure that your room is actually clean and decluttered. Once you’ve completed these less enjoyable steps, congrats! You’re ready to begin the fun part! Get ready to make your room look spectacular!

Now that your room is clean, you can have fun with it! One idea to add a pop of color to the room is to paint your own wooden photo frames that you can purchase at a craft store for usually around $1. By painting these frames bright colors, your room is already going to be looking more fun and spring-ready, not to mention you get to show off all the adorable photos you’ve taken with your friends this school year! Another possibility is to get a mason jar (also available at craft stores) and purchase fake flowers (or real ones if you would prefer that, but fake is a safe bet since you don’t have to remember to water them), and tie a ribbon around the mason jar for decoration. Having flowers, real or faux, in the room is sure to serve as a fabulous reminder that spring has arrived! Another idea is to hang up a cute tassel banner on the wall! One big perk about these is that they are super cute and relatively easy to make…all you need is paper tissue, ribbon, scissors, and tape! Search online for a tutorial on how to make one and you’ll be on your way to a creative, Spring-themed room in no time at all. Not crafty? Don’t worry! Another option is to simply purchase some hanging paper fans in bright colors from a store such as Target to decorate the wall. These are easy to assemble and add some interest to the room! Also, you can mix-and-match colors for a fun, girly look!

Yes, the semester is winding down, but there’s no reason to not give your room a facelift before you head back home for the Summer. After all, your dorm room is your home away from home, so might as well make it a place you love to hang out in!