Transitioning into College

By Grace Sinkewicz

Transitioning into college is an exciting, yet daunting time. Everyone is different. It may feel exhilarating moving out of the house, but for some, it may feel very uncomfortable. I know for myself, the hardest thing was leaving my sister as an only child for a while. College isn’t just a transitioning time for you, it’s also a transitioning time for your family as they get use to you not being around all the time anymore. 

As a freshman, I have some tips to make the transition into college a little smoother. I would suggest becoming open and friendly with your roommate(s). Your roommate(s) will ultimately be your first friend(s) on campus. Secondly, be as open and friendly as possible. College is about meeting new people, doing a new thing, and experiencing life as an individual for the first time. Another thing I would suggest, as cliché as it sounds, join clubs that really interst you. It is a great way to meet new people that are also interested in that particular thing. As for social life, have fun, but always know your limits. It’s okay to say “no” sometimes. 

College is a place where everyone is on their own path to their future, yet everyone is migrating in the same direction. Remember you are not alone in this process. There is someone for everyone. Take it day by day and enjoy because it goes by quickly!