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Three Must-Try Recipes if You’re as Obsessed with Oats as I Am

Do you eat oats every morning? Are you hooked on oatmeal TikTok? Or, are you just wondering what all the hype is about?!

Try these three oat recipes to make every morning magnificent! 


1. Banana Nut Overnight Oats 

If you’re always in a morning hurry but still want to get in a nutritious and delicious breakfast, try preparing oatmeal the night before! 

Before going to bed, add ½ cup rolled oats, 1 cup milk of your choice, ½ a mashed banana, and a dash of maple syrup into a covered mason jar. Mix together, then set in the fridge overnight. 

In the morning top your overnight oats with the other half of your banana, and a tablespoon of nut butter!

That’s it! An equally easy and exquisite breakfast you can enjoy at home or on the go! 


2. Warm Apple Crisp Rolled Oats 

Perfect for those fall mornings when you’re craving a warm and cozy breakfast! 

Start by preparing your rolled oats on the stovetop, or… buy the one-minute microwave oats… so you can save five minutes and some dirty dishes. ?

Mix in some chia seeds and cinnamon as you stir your oats for some additional protein and flavor. 

Then, cut up an apple into small cubes to top your oatmeal. If you’re feeling fancy, try microwaving your apple cubes for about two to three minutes to create that warm baked-apple taste in half the time. 

Add a spring of granola, a dash of cinnamon, and a drizzle of honey to finish off your bowl!


3. Savory Steel Cut Oats 

I know what you’re thinking! But don’t knock it ‘til you try it! 

Steel oats can take ages to make. But, thankfully Quaker has blessed us with just-add-water three-minute steel cut oats so, back to the microwave! 

Once they are done, stir in some Everything But The Bagel seasoning to add some spice!

Top your oats with ½ of an avocado, and an over-easy egg. Feel free to add some veggies into the pan while cooking your egg, such as spinach, peppers, or onions. 

Dress your bowl with a drizzle of hot sauce or balsamic glaze and dig in! 

Start by dipping your spoon into the runny egg to create a thick, flavorful, and nutrient-filled breakfast with something new in every bite! 


When she's not scrolling through Instagram or using her kitchen counter as a ballet barre, Brooke is a Journalism and Public Relations student at Marist College. Seeing the impact she has been able to have on young girls through dance and gymnastics, and the lessons they have taught her in return, has encouraged Brooke to focus her messages on female empowerment. See more from Brooke on Instagram @brooke.alexis1128
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