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I don’t know about you, but for me sometimes music can get too loud or I just can’t find what I seem to be looking for. Because of this, I’ve recently been leaning toward podcasts because they are the perfect balance between an audiobook and music.

I’ve listened to many different ones and wanted to share a few of my favorites in the genre of crime. I’m a girl who loves mysteries, and if you feel the same way, you can’t go wrong with my top five podcasts. This genre is always nice to listen to while traveling, working out or doing chores. They never let your mind wander and help to keep you focused.



1. S-Town

S-Town is a mystery podcast that is split into seven chapters. The story is told between narrator Brian Reed as he looks into John’s story from Woodstock, Ala. As you listen to S-Town you learn to love John and sympathize with him. Brian investigates the crime but more importantly becomes friends with John. If you only ever listen to one podcast, this needs to be the one.


2. Serial- Season 1

Written by the same producers as S-Town and This American Life, Serial also follows a story episode by episode. However, each season is different. This podcast is also a mystery and each episode draws you in further and further. Season three, which will be released on Sept. 20, will be focusing on the inner workings of the court system in Cleveland, Ohio.


3. Wrongful Conviction

Wrongful Conviction is a podcast where each episode shares a different story. Each episode shares the life story of someone who was wrongly convicted and put on trial for crimes they did not commit. This podcast is heartbreaking yet gives you insight into the criminal justice system in the United States.


4. Up and Vanished- Season 1

Up and Vanished tells the unfinished story of a young teacher named Tara who disappeared suddenly in a small town. The narrator interviews people who had relations to Tara or interactions with her to help decipher her mystery. Each episode of this podcast shares a new bit of information to further the case of how Tara disappeared.


5. My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder is a crime comedy podcast hosted by two women. Each week the women discuss a true crime murderer. Although the topic is dark, the women focus on empathy for the victims and discuss prevalent issues. I love listening to My Favorite Murder because it is overall a discussion, rather than a story.


Chloe is a freshman at Marist College studying Business with a concentration in marketing.
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