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Sudoku Puzzle Guide

Looking for something to do that challenges your mind? Play Sudoku! Sudoku is one of my all-time favorite puzzle games to solve–I play sudoku ALL DAY. Sudoku puzzles are very relaxing and give your brain a good challenge to solve. Starting out, it can be a bit tricky to understand the rules of Sudoku. Here are the basic rules of the puzzle, as well as tips for solving the puzzle:


Basic Overview and Rules:

  • There are 9 rows, columns, and squares

  • Each row, column, and square needs to include the numbers 1-9

  • There can be no repeat in numbers per each column, row, and square!!!


How to Start Out:

  1. Look at the rows

    1. I recommend starting with the row that has the most numbers present

  2. Count to see what numbers are missing

  3. Determine if the missing number is in the square or column

  4. Repeat numbers 1-3 when looking at each row

  5. Repeat steps 1-3 when looking at each square

*Before filling in a number, make sure there are no other values that can possibly belong in that spot!!!


My Go-To Trick:

  • Choose one number (I recommend starting with a number that you notice appears the most on the puzzle) and see which rows, columns, or squares it’s missing from

  • Determine where that number can be filled in

  • Move on to a different number, and continue going number by number


Other Recommendations:

  • Use pencil 

    • Makes it easier to correct any errors

  • Use a combination of ways to complete the puzzle

  • If you’re stuck, look at the answer key and fill in one number

  • Write in more than one number to help guide you until you find which one fits best

  • Don’t guess!!!

    • If the guess is wrong, it can ruin the whole puzzle


I hope you find these tips and tricks to be helpful, and I encourage you to go out and get yourself a Sudoku puzzle book or download a Sudoku puzzle app and start playing!

Olivia M.

Marist '21

Olivia is a student at Marist College with majors in both English and Education.
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