Senior Sendoff: HC Marist Contributing Writer Paige Moran

Name: Paige Moran 

Major/Minor: Secondary English Education with minors in Psychology and Global Studies

Hometown: Syosset, NY

HC: Congratulations on your graduation Paige! What are your plans after graduation? 

PM: Well in the beginning of June I will be heading to Thailand to lead a group of fellow volunteers teaching English in a rural village. After that I'll probably work as a camp counselor for the summer and get ready for either Grad School or teaching full time in the fall.

HC: Why Thailand? Tell us more about that.

PM: I stumbled upon this program last year and absolutely loved it. I was able to spend two weeks living in a Thai village in the rain forest teaching English to children and adults. It was an amazing experience and made me realize I would like to pursue teaching English as a second language to children here in America, so that is what I am going to pursue in Grad School. I was also able to feed elephants and learn so much about them and various traditions and customs in Thailand. I'm so excited that they asked me back as a group leader for this summer. 

HC: Can you tell us how writing for Her Campus Marist has helped you in your career and social goals? 

PM: I've been a writer for Her Campus Marist since my freshman year when this was just getting off the ground. It's been a super fun outlet for me to write about things I want to write about and not have it attached to a grade or a project for class. I've met a ton of wonderful college women through writing for Her Campus Marist. And when working with local school teachers who Googled my name before I came into their classroom this was the only thing they could find attached to my name - which is awesome because I'm proud of all of the work I've done with Her Campus Marist over these past 4 years. 

HC: What do you think you are going to miss most about Marist? 

PM: That's a tough question. I'm definitely going to miss being surrounded my friends and people I know at all times, it's nice to always have someone to say, "Hi," to. I'll also miss the supportive professors I've had over the years. There are so many things I don't think I would have ever had the confidence to try without them. And of course the beautiful campus and riverfront. Even on my worst days there is  just something about this campus that makes me smile.

HC: What is something you wish you could go back and tell your freshman-year-self? 

PM: Relax. You will finish the paper in time and that group project will come together. Don't stress about every detail and focus on the big picture.

HC: What do you wish someone had told you about being a senior in college? 

PM: Time seems to go faster than any other year you've spent at Marist.

HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 or 20 years? 

PM: Hopefully working as a full-time teacher or administrator, maybe even working on my PhD. I'll have at least 2 dogs at all times and hopefully still be able to travel and see places I have never seen before.

HC: What was your favorite aspect of being a part of Her Campus Marist? 

PM: Having the freedom and ability to write with such an amazing group of women and being able to express myself in such a supportive environment.