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Reasons Why Clare Crawley is the Worst Bachelorette Yet (In no particular order)


So, last season of the Bachelorette was A LOT. I could write a 10 page MLA format essay on the reasons Tayshia can’t come fast enough, but for now, I’ll just give a list of reasons why Clare needs to go ASAP, and I’m sure you can all agree.safsfsd

1. The whole strip-dodgeball incident Imagine the reaction the Bachelor would get if he made females do that? Talk about double standards. 


2. Her reaction to Yosef reprimanding her for said dodgeball incident. Yosef was not far off when he was telling Clare like it is. He may have taken it too far when he said he didn’t want to ever be associated with her of course, but she didn’t even explain herself and sent him home without any means for it. She just didn’t want to hear him out. 


3. When she sent home sweet Brandon just because he just thought she was pretty. I get wanting your men to be there for the right reasons. But c’mon Clare, who here actually knows you? 


4. When she dodged a kiss from Zach J – and victimized herself when he pulled her back. I must say, I wouldn’t have kept Zach around for long after he got creepy and tried to pull Clare in, but she blew the situation (that she screwed up) WAY out of proportion when she made herself out to be a victim of abuse in that situation. Not cool. 


5. When she interrogated each man during the group date about roasting Dale, then claimed at the rose ceremony that she didn’t get what she wanted from them during one on one time, AND gave HERSELF the rose. This was just all around not fair or cool and super self-righteous. Clare, I had huge expectations for you and you are letting us down! Tayshia, WYA?

Marley Gifford is a junior Communications major with a minor in fashion merchandising at Marist College. She loves fashion, traveling, the ocean, her family, and her dogs, Maggie and Pepper.
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