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Not That Freshmen 15…15 Mistakes I’ve Already Made

By: Chloe Goldstein

So you’ve been on campus for a few weeks now (feels like you were born here right?!), and you’re still feeling overwhelmed.  I’ve composed a list of 15 things I already managed to do wrong, and things no one has told me about the college experience that I think are vital.

1. Expecting you and your roommate to be best friends

As my roommate and I snap-chatted all summer I thought we would become sisters.  After a while we both formed our own groups–only doing things together like going to the gym or grabbing food. Being friendly with your roommate is important, but best friends isn’t always the reality.


2. Walking onto campus expecting to instantly find your group

I don’t know why, but as freshmen we expect to find a group of friends as soon as we step foot on campus on move in day.  After the first meal in the dining hall, the reality of having to completely start over and meet new people sets in.  It’s exhausting constantly meeting new people with hopes of them wanting to be friends so you can ultimately form a group.


3. Actually bringing too little clothes

Everyone always says “don’t over-pack”, “you won’t wear any of those clothes,” etc.  I personally brought mainly comfy workout clothes and going out clothes. I didn’t realize that people often dress very nicely to class here–especially in my major of Fashion Design. I’ve had to mix and match my clothes just so I could look presentable amongst everyone else.  Obviously it depends on your school, but do your research and ask around!


4. Believing that time management would be as simple as it was in high school

Time management is such a challenge when some of your classes only meet once a week but give hours of homework.  Trying to balance school work, a social life, and family time can certainly pose as a challenge.  I can honestly say approaching week four of school that I still don’t have a routine down.


5. Going home too soon

I’m not saying don’t visit your family, but I went home after the second week of school, as I only live an hour away, and it was very difficult. It felt like I was saying goodbye to my parents all over again and it made me even more homesick– reminding me of everything I was missing and missing out on.


6. Not giving myself any alone time

In college, the only time you are even close to being alone is in the shower–even then there are a handful of other people in the bathroom too. It’s hard when you are adjusting to constantly be surrounded by people, so it’s important to give yourself at least 15 minutes of alone time to ensure you don’t have a break down.


7. Losing your Friends while Going Out

No, do not run off with a guy and lose your friends. Stay together, don’t be like me. It is not fun being left behind while you’re out.  Never again.


8. Letting a boy already affect me

Someone should give me a gold medal for already managing to have my heart broken by a boy here when I haven’t even been here for a month. I know we are all in a vulnerable state, but put your guards up and go slow (if that’s what you wish to do).


9. Not being 100% myself to attract friends

When you are trying to make friends it’s easy to become someone you’re not.  I wanted people to think I was fun and cool, so I tried to be as extroverted as possible but it’s getting exhausting. Just be yourself and your people will come in their own time– and they always come.


10. Allowing FOMO to control my entire life

I will be the first person to tell you I hate missing out on things. I literally will go out if I’m sick, upset or angry just because I hate missing out. Don’t be like me, take care of yourself first.


11. Not eating any fruit

I feel like I have to hunt down the dining hall just to find any fruit in the morning.  I eat mostly carbs and very little protein.  I’m also getting really sick of the salads here.


12. Joining too many clubs

Due to Marist’s priority point system, I was very excited on the day of the Club Fair and felt compelled to join basically every club. Now my email inbox is never empty, and I only go to about three club meetings. Great.


13. Being too nice

I will literally give my last penny to anyone.  I ran across campus to get my roommate tea when she was sick.  Set boundaries with your roommate even if you think it will make you uncool.  Trust me, you will thank me later. Also, don’t be afraid to say no to people. Here at college you are on your own and sometimes you have to make sure you’re taking care of yourself first.


14. Being scared of upperclassman

When I lost my friends while I was out, (refer #7) two senior girls saw me crying and made sure I was okay and safe. They don’t bite and can give great advice!  Two girls from my hometown who are currently juniors here frequently message me asking if I need anything–don’t be afraid of asking for help!


15. Believing that I was alone

It can be common on social media for college students to post various pictures of them having fun.  However, college life is not all fun and games.  You are 100% not alone in scared and homesick. Trust me, I’ve cried four times today.

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