My Newfound Love for Lauv

Damn, I like me better when I'm with you.


I bet most of you have heard these lyrics before, and they’ve probably even been stuck in your head. But have you ever delved into the artist of this hit song?


Ari Staprans Leff, better known as Lauv, is a California-born singer and songwriter, an NYU graduate and the newest addition to all of my playlists. In 2017, he released the single that you've all probably heard "I Like Me Better," which peaked at 27 on the U.S. Charts and spread widely across radio stations in the country and worldwide. I, along with many others, enjoy this catchy pop song, but didn't really take notice of the artist.


In May 2018, Lauv released his first full album – which he refers to as a playlist – titled "I met you when I was 18. (the playlist)." It was around this time that one of my best friends heard the song “Comfortable," and instantly decided that she needed to listen to more of his music. Over the next few months, she would constantly bring up her love for this little-known artist, but I would brush him off as simply the guy who sings “I Like Me Better."


Source: Medium 


It wasn’t until I came to college and was having a serious crisis that I decided to give Lauv a chance. I was dying for some new music to listen to and my friend recommended that I listen to “Superhero” by Lauv – or better yet, watch the video and listen to the song. So I did.


Instantly, the song, the video and the story behind both had me captivated. The video begins with Lauv explaining a project that he had been doing while on tour – the My Blue Thoughts project – in which he brought along a box to each stop and asked people to write anything on their minds on a paper and put it in the box. The song begins and in front of a blue screen two silhouettes walk out and begin dancing as words on the bottom of the screen explain what some people put in the box.




As it goes on, Lauv explains that one note he received had three simple sentences on it: “I met a superhero. I lost her. I want her back.” The note inspired him and he made a song out of it, eventually finding out who wrote the note and making him a co-songwriter for the track.



Source: My Blue Thoughts


I absolutely loved this story and this song – it was all that I listened to for the next 24 hours until I finally had the time to sit down and give "I met you when I was 18" a chance. The album was beautiful beyond words. The lyrics gave me chills but the songs somehow remained catchy and easy to listen to. I won’t spoil too much for you, but it’s such a great album. My favorites ended up being “Paris in the Rain," “Reforget," “Enemies," “Breathe," and “Never Not." 


Overall, I think Lauv deserves more recognition. He’s one of the best lyricists I have ever heard, and his voice is so unique. The concepts and ideas behind all of his songs are different than the usual cliches you hear over and over again in songs on the radio. I would highly recommend giving him a chance because I think you’ll wind up liking him better.