My New Found Love For Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello.  A singer, dancer, songwriter, and queen of being ~extra~ in music videos.  In just a few short years, the young star has become a household name and people, as always when concerning celebrities, have their opinions.  I certainly had mine, and I want to slap past me across the face because of them.  If you asked me a year ago about my thoughts on Camila Cabello I would have said (cringes) "I don't like her." 

In my defense, my inner preteen was still struggling with Zayn's departure from One Direction.  So, when Camila announced that she was splitting ties with Fifth Harmony, it left a bitter taste in my mouth.  Not to mention I didn't love her "I Know What You Did Last Summer" collaboration with Shawn Mendes.  Maybe I heard it one too many times on the early drive to class in my senior year of high school.  

However, this year, I have had an extreme change of heart.  Or rather, I began to listen to my heart, and it was telling me that I was obsessed with "Havana," Camila's huge hit single.  I first thought it was the horns that made my heart race when the song came on.  Then I thought it was the catchy beat that caused my head-bopping and toe-tapping.  After weeks of listening to this song and trying not to enjoy it, I realized that I'm actually in love with it.  One could say that my heart is in Havana. 

I think Cabello's performance on Ellen was what sealed the deal for me.  I love a quality dramatic performance and Camila certainly delivers.  Not to mention the Telanovela inspired "Havana" music video--wow I loved the overproduction on that one. 

When I gave her breakout album a listen I realized that I am an official fan--a Camilazer as the kids say.  All jokes aside, Camila Cabello has really found her voice.  The songs are the perfect combination of heartfelt and catchy.  "Never Be The Same," a personal favorite, is probably my most frequently played song right now.  Don't even get me started on her performance of it on Jimmy Fallon, chills every time.

So I sincerely apologize Camila, you are in fact a Queen and I bow down to you.