Miami Spring Break Journal

Spring break is just around the corner and Miami is always a top destination! This post is my travel journal from my short trip to Miami last year. I will feature some ideas on where to stay, what to do, and what to eat when in Miami. Happy Spring Break!

Which Airport?

The Miami International Airport (MIA) is the main airport for the city. However, it can sometimes be difficult or expensive to book flights flying into MIA. The Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport (FLL) is a great alternative. Once landing in FLL, it is a short 30 minute drive to Miami. This is a convenient option to have, especially if you are renting a car!

Where I Stayed

When I visited Miami, I stayed at the Fontainebleau Hotel & Resort in Miami Beach. This hotel is extremely beautiful and is located right on the beach. It also has many pools, as well as breathtaking views. There is always something going on at Fontainebleau which makes it a great spring break destination. While I was there, Miami’s #1 Hit Music Station, Y100, was hosting a pool party, and there were also many celebrities staying at the hotel due to the Ultra Music Festival. The hotel also has many restaurants and activities going on so you will truly never be bored! Overall, it is an exciting and fun place to stay for spring break!


What to Do

There is definitely tons of things to do at night in Miami, but if you’re looking for some things to do during the day besides the beach and pool, here are a few suggestions!

Wynwood Walls


The Wynwood Walls are a must-see! Wynwood is an art district of Miami with designat walls for local artists to paint on. There are so many beautiful pieces and great backgrounds for photos here. Admission to the designated art parks is free and is usually buzzing with tourists. However, some parts of the area are not too tourist-friendly, so always make sure to be aware of your surroundings. Whether or not you are an artist or art-lover, the Wynwood Walls are definitely a fun place to visit!


Versace Mansion

The Versace Mansion is infamously known for being the place where Gianni Versace died in the ’90s. As sad as it is, his mansion has since been turned into a hotel and is an awesome place to visit. Whether just driving or walking by, or stopping inside, it is a place worth seeing!


Food Highlights

Miami has so many great food places! Although I found some great restaurants, my trip was short so hopefully I can return soon and try some more! Below are some of the gems I found:

Greenstreet Cafe

This restaurant offers all meals, but I recommend trying it out for breakfast. The cafe is in Coconut Grove, which is a cute area located more inland. I ordered the Nutella french toast and it was amazing!




Midtown Creamery

The Midtown Creamery has amazing ice cream and bubble waffles. This was my first bubble waffle experience and it was delicious. They have so many interesting flavors, you won’t know which to try! This ice cream shop is also a small business and the owner is extremely kind, so it is a great business to support!


American Pub

This pub is located in South Miami, near the University of Miami. They have great sandwiches and fries, as well as other bar-type foods!


I hope you enjoyed my travel journal for Miami! Unfortunately, I had a short trip and was unable to spend a lot of time exploring the city, but I can’t wait to go back soon! Miami, more specifically Miami Beach, is extremely packed during the spring break season since it is a top destination, so always stay alert as it may get overwhelming with so many people. Try to avoid driving when possible since traffic can get pretty heavy during this time. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your spring break!

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