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I have always found it very important to have at least one peaceful place in my house. What do I mean by that? Having a place of peace can help center and reset your mind. There are several external factors we face on a daily basis that cause stress and anxiety to arise. I have personally always struggled with both of these things, as well as with focus. These 5 additions to my room have helped calm down my nerves and center my mind so I may focus on important tasks that need to be taken care of. 

1. Essential oil diffuser 

2. Humidifier

3. Adjustable colored lighting 

4. Speaker for calming music

5. Giving a place for every thing in my room to keep it clean and organized all the time



Ellie O'Hara

Marist '21

Ellie O'Hara is the Senior Editor for Her Campus Marist :) She is a sophomore majoring in Journalism with a minor in Business. She loves everything outdoors from hiking, to running, to swimming, etc. She has a passion for writing and dreams of working for a magazine company similar to National Geographic. Traveling to unique areas of the world to write and take pictures would make all of her dreams come true.
Sarah Dorothy Lynch is a junior at Marist College studying Journalism and Public Relations with a passion for writing, travel, and bread (all varieties). If she ever met Emma Stone, she would likely keel over.