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Lazy Girl Costume Ideas

Looking for a last minute costume? Don’t want to spend a lot of money? If you’re like me, you procrastinate and hate spending money. Here are some lazy girl costumes for anyone looking for a last minute costume idea with minimal cost.

  1. Tacky Tourist

I did this costume senior year using my sister’s crocs, black socks from my drawer, a pair of white shorts, a Hawaiian shirt from my dad, my camera and my sunglasses. I braided my hair and I used a fanny pack given to me by my friend.

PS: This was me and my sister as the Hash Slinging Slasher!


   2. Identity Theft

       All you need is a shirt, nametags and a sharpie. It doesn’t get any easier than this!


Credits to @actualjoncates on Instagram via PopSugar


  3. An Athletic Instructor

      Need I say more? All you gotta do is wear your athleisure out and say you’re an athletic instructor for Halloween


Courtesy of @amybeth__ on Instagram via PopSugar


4. Brawny Man

    Again: something so basic and cheap! All you need is a red flannel, jeans and a roll of paper towel labeled Brawny. It’s ridiculously cheap and easy, and it will be a hit at the parties.

Courtesy of @jessandthecity on Instagram via PopSugar

5. Life of the Party

    All you need is a black outfit, some party hats, a balloon and a picture of Life cereal!

Courtesy of @angeljusino7 on Instagram via PopSugar



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