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Jon Ferris: Red Fox of the Year

Most likely seen at a piano, screaming the Marist College Fight Song, or singing Sweet Caroline at every party, Jon Ferris is the definition of a campus cutie. If you are having a bad day, the best thing to do is call Jon Ferris. If you need someone to go to McDonald’s with at 2 a.m., the best thing to do is call Jon Ferris. If you see any faculty members from the Music Department, especially Elena, the best thing to do is call Jon Ferris. Jon Ferris is one of the most relaxed, positive, outgoing, and approachable people here.  Through his eyes, every day is a great day to be a Red Fox.

Name: Jon Ferris


Hometown: I was born in Boston, grew up in Cumberland ME, but I lived in Manchester NH for two years and consider Manchester more of my hometown than Cumberland.


Year: Yay, Class of 2019


Major: Psychology. Double minoring in Music and Theatre. Probably going to add a third Mnor for Social Work or Sociology.


Zodiac Sign: Cancer. And if you’re interested, I have a very in depth opinion and story about my zodiac sign. OKAY. So when I was like nine, I learned what a horoscope was and like I learned that the zodiac was even a thing and I learned that my sign was cancer, and I was like “alrighty I’m a cancer.” Fast forward a little bit and I put 2 and 2 together and I say, “now hold on a hot second. Cancer is a deadly disease. I would really rather not be cancer.” But there was nothing I could do about it so I just had to be like “well whatever.

NOW. Later, I learned that zodiac signs also have animals and things assigned to them! And I was like “sweet my brother is a bull that’s cool! Aw nice my mom is a sea goat that sounds rad! Woah my sister is a virgin… I’m 10 and idk what that is, but it’s probably cool! I wonder what I am!”

And I learn that cancer’s animal is a crab. like seriously that’s it – just a crab. easily the dumbest animal on God’s green earth. The frickin crab. So NOW,  not only is my symbol a deadly disease it’s also a stupid animal. Super.

Now when I’m like twelve or whatever I learn that Crabs is a common name for a sexually transmitted disease. Needless to say I kinda hate my zodiac sign at this point.

But the FINAL straw was when I learned that zodiac signs have cool symbols that go with them! Except for cancer! Which is literally the number 69 rotated 90 degrees.

I felt like the person who invented the horoscope was just coming up with ways to screw me over at this point.

It took a lot of thinking and introspection, but I’m happy I’m a cancer.

Relationship status: I see attractive people, decide I’m in love with them, and then tell every single person on the planet except the person I’m in love with. This happens anywhere between 15 and 30 times a day.


Campus Activities: MCCTA, Singers, Piano (and music just like…in general), ELP/NSLS, Class of 2019 Treasurer, Student Activities, and  having lots of fun at parties.


Favorite Disney Movie: The Jungle Book (1967 version)


Second Favorite Disney Movie: The Jungle Book (2016 version)


Favorite Song: Whatever The Lovely Sirens are singing at the moment. If none of them are singing, then it’s the song Nothing More by The Alternate Routes.

Fun Fact About Myself: I can rap every word of Super Bass by Nicki Minaj.


Favorite Social Media Platform: Twitter is probably number one, followed very closely by Snapchat.


Perfect Date: I like hiking a lot. I would like to go on a hike when it’s a really nice day and then have a picnic. I’ve never been on a real actual date, I don’t know how they work… whatever.


Favorite Quote: “Each day we go to our work in the hope of discovering,—in the hope that someone, no matter who, may find a solution of one of the pending great problems,—and each succeeding day we return to our task with renewed ardor; and even if we are unsuccessful, our work has not been in vain, for in these strivings, in these efforts, we have found hours of untold pleasure, and we have directed our energies to the benefit of mankind.” – Nikola Tesla


Favorite Food: when I’m at home and it’s 2am and i realize that I haven’t eaten anything all day and that’s why my body feels like it’s breaking down, I make a pot of tortellini, pour in some alfredo sauce, chunks of grilled chicken, some steamed broccoli, a ton of sriracha, and then top it with parmesan cheese and it’s the BEST FOOD EVER.


The most interesting thing I’ve done so far: City Year for two years. Serving as a full time volunteer for two years, living completely on my own in my own apartment, learning about community, leadership, myself, others, education, students, and having the opportunity to work closely with kids, parents, school administration and government leaders to build a better world for all of us was the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my entire life, and probably will be the most rewarding thing I ever do. For more information: CityYear.org


What instruments do I play: Piano, guitar, ukulele, some people think I’m a good singer (I agree with them like 60% of the time). Those are the major ones. Then, I can play other instruments but I don’t know like HOW to play them I just do… whatever, that didn’t make sense.


My relationship with music: It’s the most important thing in the universe. I can spend anywhere from 2-6 hours a day playing or practicing or writing music. If I couldn’t play piano…IDK. I don’t know what I would do. I have to play piano. That’s extremely dramatic. it’s similar to like…eating or sleeping. If you don’t eat in a long time, or don’t sleep for a while, your body starts to hurt and you feel like crap. That’s how it is with music. I have to make music to stay healthy. IDK. It’s hard to describe. Music is just the most important thing in the world. Actually technically it’s not. Community is the most important thing in the world. Music is right there after it, though.

Favorite memory: My favorite memories are all the nights I don’t remember.


If I could have dinner with any person: Eleanor Roosevelt. We would eat wherever she wants, but there’s this pizza place in Manchester called 900 Degrees that I would want to eat at. I pick Eleanor because she’s mad inspirational and I would love to talk to her about leadership and community and politics and people and stuff.


Favorite Tweets:

If you want some more of the coolest Red Fox, make sure to follow Jon on Twitter: jferris721 and Tumblr: hicks-and-homos



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