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Ideas for the Perfect Galentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is officially one week away. While it’s lovely to take part in the traditions with the special person in your life on February 14th, it’s also fun to create new traditions with your best friends and celebrate the female friendship holiday on February 13th, also known as Galentine’s Day. Since Galentine’s Day this year falls on a Tuesday (and it’s a school night) it may be a bit hard for you and your squad to go all out with the festivities. So here are some college-friendly ideas for a fabulous day!

Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries

All you need is a bag or two of chocolate chips, strawberries and a microwave. Have your friends come to your dorm after dinner and make them together! Melt the chocolate chips, dip the strawberries in, let them cool in the fridge and voila! Enjoy them while watching a movie or you can even have a mini Friends marathon.

Have a Photoshoot

This is something that can be done if you have a gap between classes or whenever everyone in your squad is free during the day. You can raid each other’s closets, do each other’s hair and makeup, pick a location and start posing! You can take turns taking pictures of each other or get someone to take the pictures for you so you can all be in them together. You don’t even need a professional camera (I mean if you have one, great!). An iPhone will get the job done. Make sure you take a ton of Instagram-worthy selfies too!

Dress Up & Go to a Nice Dinner

Everyone loves an excuse to get all dolled up, and there’s no better excuse to dress up on a Tuesday night then Galentine’s Day! Put on your favorite going out clothes, do your makeup and hair and go to dinner. If you want a break from the usual dining hall, go to nice restaurant near campus. If you do choose the dining hall, still get dressed up to make it more fun!

Binge-Watch a Show

The best way to wind down after a long day of classes is to call up your squad and binge-watch episodes of your favorite show! Wear your pajamas and catch up on The Bachelor or re-watch your fave season of The Office - it’s an easy way to spend some time with your squad. Get some juice, soda and fruit to make fancy mocktails and have everyone bring their fave snack for a fun girls’ night in!

Have a Spa Day

Have everyone wear robes and bring their favorite facemasks and nail polish. Spend the night trying different facemasks and doing each other’s nails. Order pizza and spend the night pampering yourselves. Have some acoustic music or your favorite TV show playing in the background to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere on Galentine’s Day!

I hope you and your squad have an AMAZING Galentine’s Day!

Jana Brzovski is a junior at Marist College majoring Business Administration with dual concentrations in Finance and International Business and minoring in Economics and is the current President of Her Campus Marist. In her spare time, you can find Jana drinking Laughing Man coffee while Insta-stalking Kate Spade, anything Disney-related, or her favorite fashion brands. You can also find her watching Friends, the Office, Beverly Hills, 90210, or the Bachelor Franchise, eating her weight in food with family, or laughing with her friends.   
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