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How to Perfect (or Fake) Your Spring Break Tan

March means spring break- and if you’re lucky, you get to spend a few days somewhere warm. But whether you spent time in the sun or stayed home, HC Marist has some tips to keep (or get) a safe, healthy tan for the rest of the year!

Step 1: Body Prep

The key to a healthy glow is exfoliation. Real and fake tans do not last on dry, flaky skin.

If you have a real tan to maintain, use a product with exfoliating beads for manual exfoliation. Products with chemical exfoliators maybe increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun, making you more susceptible to sunburn or irritation.  (Tip: It’s best to avoid products with AHA if you plan on spending time in the sun)

Although exfoliating does renew skin cells faster by shedding dead skin (a.k.a, a suntan), pores are open to absorb moisture. Be sure to lather up with moisturizing lotions to lock in skin’s natural oils, and to avoid dull looking skin.

Step 2: Maintain

Usually, suntans last a few weeks. Instead of prematurely damaging the skin in a tanning bed, try a self-tanning wipe for natural results. We’re loving the Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes and Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion by L’Oreal Paris. The 100% natural-looking, streak-free tan starts to develop in 2 hours. Not to mention, the application is easy and dries quickly, and is packed with nutrients Vitamin E and DHA.

Step 3: Play it Up

A healthy glow can look even more #onfleek with a bold lip. HC Marist is obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury’s Hot Lips Collection, and with 12 vibrating shades, there’s a perfect color for every skin tone. Matte corals (like CT’s Miranda May) and bright pinks (Electric Poppy) will make any tan stand out.  

Step 4: Hydrate

Hydration is the key to beautiful skin overall. Drinking water and limiting alcoholic/caffeinated drinks improves skin elasticity. Set goals to drink more water (aim for 64 oz daily) with this adorable Juicy Couture tumblr cup. It’s easy to get in the daily recommended intake with a cup this cute. Win it here!

Spring Break comes and goes – but a healthy tan can be forever! Check out more information on our #sponsored content on Instagram @HerCampusMarist.

Anna Marotta is a Junior at Marist College where she is studying Marketing. She is extremely right-brained and loves to write, create, and travel. You can find Anna with her ten best friends at Lola's Cafe or stalking dogs on Marist Beach. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram! @annarosemarotta 
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