How to Make a Monthly Bucket List

Hey ladies. November has finally rolled around and with a new month comes plenty of new opportunities! Sometimes it is easy to forget all of our goals and accomplish less than we hoped as time slips by. Here is how to compile all of your monthly goals into a cute list that can decorate your living space. 


1. Gather the supplies. 

To make a bucket list you will need scrap paper for brainstorming, pencils, pens and multi-colored markers. You will also want tape, stickers, scissors and glue. Lay them out on a desk or working space so you can easily grab what you need. 


2. Brainstorm the categories. 

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to come up with everything you want to do at once. Start small by focusing on specific categories. For example, activities you want to do with your friends (like movies or a sleepover), personal growth activities (like exercising once a week or keeping a journal) and seasonal activities (like baking holiday cookies or putting up decorations). 


3. Narrow down your goals. 

Once you’ve written down everything narrow down your goals to what you want to write on your permanent bucket list. When you are picking out goals, think S.M.A.R.T: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based. Trying to exercise for 30 minutes a week until the end of the month, or planning a sleepover with friends is achievable. Writing down something vague and difficult like meeting the love of your life or learning to speak a new language could leave you more frustrated than motivated. 


4. Sketch your final list. 

Trace your final goals under a white piece of paper entitled Monthly Bucket List. This is your chance to get creative! You can look up fun calligraphy ideas or add seasonal related doodles in the background. It’s important to write lightly in pencil first so any mistakes are easy to erase. 


5. Add colors and decorations. 

Now you can add color with markers. Feel free to do one uniform color or alternate different colors. You can also color the letters into varying shades of the same color to create a fun ombre effect. Glitter or stickers in the margins can make your little project stand out even more! 


6. Make the final cuts. 

Lastly you place the decorated piece of white paper on colored construction paper. You can cut out the paper into fun shapes or patterns like zig zags. When the paper dries you can hang it up in your dorm to keep you on track all year round! Using command strips is a great way to stick things onto your dorm in a permanent but mess free way.