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How To Gift Christmas Time Birthdays

Everyone has that friend, or maybe you are that friend, who has a Christmas time birthday. It stems from probably mid-November to mid-January. And every year, that friend gets jibbed. Here are ways to avoid making your friend feel unloved without killing your wallet.

Two gifts 

This is the best thing to do for them. Two events, two gifts. Simple, and they know you cared. They are treated with the same respect everyone else is that isn’t born in the month surrounding Christmas.

One large gift 

This the of special occasion calls for something big and wonderful. Now, instead of having the budget of one gift to work with, you have two.  You can buy a $40 gift instead of two $20 gifts, or a $20 gift instead of two $10 gifts.  This way, they get a better present, and still feel appreciated.

One homemade, one store-bought

This is probably the best way to safe money and treat your friend. By making one homemade gift- spending like $5 to create a gift basket, a mug treat, food, an item of clothing or something similar. Then, the other can be storebought. Save your wallet and love your friend.

A party 

Who doesn’t like a good-old fashioned party? Throw your friend a party, get them a small gift, and that could be their present! It will get all of their friends together in one place, and celebrate them!

Dinner out 

Take your friend out to dinner. Nothing says, “You’re the coolest,” like a nice juicy steak. 

Ask them what they want for Christmas 

If you do not know what on earth your friend wants, and you know have two holidays to shop for, ask them “What are you asking for at Christmas?”. It’s a nice and discrete way to find out what they really want. No one wants to return a gift. Plus, if their birthday is before Christmas, you will look awesome getting them a present that they really want before anyone else, #sneaky. 

In the end, its all about honoring your friend, and showing that you care for them. Find the way that’s works the best for you and them

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