Happy First Anniversary, Her Campus Marist!

            In 2013, Her Campus Marist was founded by Nicole Knoebel and Marissa Russo. The two women shared a passion for the Her Campus brand: a female organization built on friendship, creativity, and fun. Through Nicole and Marissa’s hard work, Her Campus Marist was born and quickly adapted into Marist culture. Unlike anything Marist College had seen before, Her Campus quickly took an impactful position in the lives of Red Fox women.

Since the 2014, HC Marist saw amazing leadership under four campus correspondents: Anna Carbone, Lizzy Peper, and Cristina Lupo. Today, as Madison Vettorino and I lead HC Marist to success, we fondly remember the women who came before us in this organization. With a common goal in mind, it was a dream of all campus correspondents to be chartered by Marist’s Student Government Association. Thankfully, on March 1, 2017, Her Campus Marist was officially chartered, recognizing the club’s achievements and success on campus, while providing a blueprint for the future.

Anna and Lizzy Peper, 2016. 

Since that day, everyone involved within Her Campus Marist has worked hard to attract new, ambitious women into this club. Every woman we’ve met has a story, and Her Campus Marist provides an outlet. In these divisive times, Her Campus Marist will remain constant -- a place in which women can belong and express themselves.

Anna Marotta and Cristina Lupo (and the HC Marist Board 2016)

At the Chartering Celebration

From the bottom of our hearts, Her Campus Marist thanks all of our writers, viewers, members, and supporters for making this club its very best. We are incredibly proud of how much we’ve grown, but also how we’ve stayed true to our original mission. Here’s to the next 100 years of celebrating Marist College women!



Anna Marotta

Her Campus Marist President