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Get Hyped: Superheroes are Back on the CW

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marist chapter.

*Potential for spoilers ahead* 

This week may be the most exciting week for comic book nerds everywhere – superhero shows are back on the CW.  

(It is also the week before midterms, but let’s try not to think about that while we’re curled up next to our photo of Stephen Amell and pint of ice cream. Oh wait, is that just me who does that?) 

DC’s monopoly on the television superhero universe continues this fall with Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and (eep!) Supergirl

Monday 8 P.M. Supergirl 

It only makes sense that our favorite female superhero joins the rest of her crime-fighting family on the CW this fall. After a season on CBS, Supergirl is bringing her cousin with her to the CW. That’s right, the man of steel himself joins Supergirl’s crusade this season. (Even though we secretly-not-so-secretly wish it was Henry Cavill instead of that other guy). And after binge-watching Supergirl on Netflix, we have so many questions! Who was in the pod at the end of the finale? Will Supergirl and Barry reunite (Gosh, I hope so, because nothing gave me as much joy as seeing the two former Glee-mates on screen together)? 

Tuesday 8 P.M. The Flash 

One word: Flashpoint. After last season’s finale, I couldn’t have been the only one catching up on the Flashpoint comic, leaving us with one question: How will Barry’s epic decision (read: mistake) affect the Green Arrow and Supergirl? Will Oliver’s father become the hooded vigilante while Oliver perishes in the boating accident? Will Supergirl be hidden from society for her entire life? How will it all connect? Can we just have an entire season of crossovers? (YAS!) 

Wednesday 8 P.M. Arrow 

He is Bratva! While I am not thrilled about Oliver training a whole new team of vigilantes to join his crusade (Can’t we just have the old team back?), I am psyched for the show to get back to its origins. Does the Season 1-esque feeling we get from the trailer have something to do with Flashpoint? Since Barry changed the entire timeline, will Laurel be back? Will Oliver and Felicity fall in love all over again? I can’t handle the suspense! 

Thursday 8 P.M. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 

Alright, this isn’t the best DC show the CW has cooked up – even worse that Captain Cold is gone (Or is he? Yes, he is. He’s back on the Prison Break reboot.) but hey, we get to look at Ray Palmer for an hour, so we can’t really complain.