Four Podcasts that Won’t Make You Feel Sad

By Maggie Roach 

Podcasts are the best, but sometimes you need a break from all the gritty true crime and politics. These four podcasts are perfect for when you need something to make you smile on the way to class. 

Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend

Everyone that says that someone else is the best talk show host besides Conan O'Brien, is wrong. His run on the Tonight Show and his more recent talk show are some of the funniest television moments ever. (He even visited Marist back in the day!) This podcast is all that makes Conan O'Brien great; it’s smart, silly, and there are some genuine moments throughout the course of the show. Every episode involves Conan interviewing a celebrity he could possibly become friends with.  It’s a great podcast if you like an interview format! 

Recommended listening: Andy Richter. 

Whatever happened to Pizza at Mcdonalds?

This podcast is an absolutely absurd investigative report about the short period that Mcdonalds sold pizza. It’s delightful and the episodes are crazy short. It’s not a podcast for everyone. The host is seriously dedicated to the joke, but If you like satirical humor (think Documentary Now!), it’s a great choice.

Recommended listening: Episode One 

Hello from the Magic Tavern

Hello from the Magic Tavern is perfect for every fantasy fan, it's similar to Lord of the Rings, but if everyone on Lord of the Rings was dysfunctional. Hello from the Magic Tavern is about a man who accidentally fell through a magic portal into a Narnia like land. It consists of the host interviewing magical creatures and going on adventures.  Basically it’s a game of dungeons and dragons gone horribly wrong. 

Recommended listening: Blemish


My Brother, My Brother, and Me

This show is the pinnacle of comedy podcasting. Brothers Griffin, Justin, and Travis get together weekly to discuss answers to listener questions. This podcast is the best thing. It’s stupid in the best way possible. It’s literally just these three fools messing around trying to make each other laugh, often going into wild tangents. The show is a huge success and famous, smart people like Lin Manuel Miranda are huge fans. He even mentioned the bros in a post-Tony's interview. The brothers all have separate shows that are also great. 

Recommended listening: Birthday Surprise Hole