Five Taylor Swift Songs We All Forgot About

Taylor Swift’s sound has evolved quite a bit over the years, but one thing that’s stayed consistent is her high-quality lyrics and memorable music. Since it has been so long since Taylor first hit the music scene, it’s easy to forget about some of her older tunes. Here’s a trip down memory lane and some of Taylor’s best songs that we all admittedly forgot about.

“Teardrops on my Guitar”

You can’t listen to this song and not feel young again. “Teardrops on my Guitar” was the song that made America fall in love with Taylor’s songwriting style, honesty and vocals, and with good reason! This song gives totally nostalgic vibes.

“You Belong With Me”

If this total jam doesn’t bring back memories of listening on your iPod Nano while crushing on the boy whose locker was next to yours back in middle school, then I can’t help you. This song was a total anthem back in the seventh grade, and I have a feeling that if you listen to it again now, you’d find it just as amazing as you did back then. Not to mention it has an adorable music video.


Unpopular opinion: “Treacherous” was the best song on the album. “Red” is widely referred to as Taylor’s heartbreak album, but honestly, it has some of her very best content. “Treacherous” is amazing partly because the lyrics and partly because of the incredible instrumentals. It’s one you definitely don’t want to forget about. Check. It. Out.

“Wildest Dreams”

Speaking of awesome music videos, “Wildest Dreams” is one of Taylor’s best. Set against a beautiful African backdrop, this video (and song) tell the story of a romance that was doomed at its start. Heartbreaking, yes. But also, gorgeous. The vocals in this song (and the lyrics, of course) are memorable to say the least.

“Getaway Car”

There’s nothing not to like about “Getaway Car” from Taylor Swift’s most recent album, “Reputation.” For one, it’s beyond catchy. And second, it tells a pretty interesting story (which is why I love all of Taylor’s music). Though it wasn’t a single, it definitely should have been (yes, it’s that good!).