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Five Affirmations to Welcome Acceptance and Growth

New month, new me. As the school year comes to a close and we watch as everyone compares their various summer plans, it’s important to remember you are exactly where you are meant to be. 

Whether you have insecurities about your body, mindset, or career, stand tall each morning and utilize these five affirmations to find acceptance in the present while continuing to actively work towards your goals. 


  1. “I believe in my own progress and I am learning to fall in love with this process.” 

  2. “The work I do and what I prioritize is done with intention, soul, and purpose.”

  3. “I am deserving of a well-nourished, rested, and energized body.”

  4. “I love and approve of myself, and that is enough.” 

  5. “I am so worthy of a happy life.”


Trust the process and be open to change. For more affirmations and mindset motivators visit @wetheurban on Instagram. 

When she's not scrolling through Instagram or using her kitchen counter as a ballet barre, Brooke is a Journalism and Public Relations student at Marist College. Seeing the impact she has been able to have on young girls through dance and gymnastics, and the lessons they have taught her in return, has encouraged Brooke to focus her messages on female empowerment. See more from Brooke on Instagram @brooke.alexis1128
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