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Feel Beautiful, Red Foxes!

As we approach that time of year where we are forced to shed our baggy sweatpants and trade in our slouchy sweaters for shorts and bikini tops, an alarm goes off in our heads. I’ve been able to hide under extra layers for months, what if I don’t fit into my bathing suit from last year? What if my shorts don’t fit? I have to lose weight! I’m giving up dessert for Lent! I have to kick my gym routine into high gear!


Do not spend one more second with negative thoughts in your head! Who put them there? Celebrities with their personal trainers and Photoshop? The voice in your head that compares you to every girl you walk past on campus (I look like the Michelin Man in this jacket while she looks like a stick)? With the craze of spring break and bikini bodies swirling around, I wanted to spread some love, some confidence, and some positivity because guess what? YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! YOU. Not you minus twenty pounds. Not you after a visit to the tanning salon. YOU – right now, just the way you are – are beautiful.

It’s not just me who wants to spread the word about a positive body image! The Naturally Foxy Campaign posts daily pictures on Instagram promoting self-confidence in Marist girls. The “20 Beautiful Women Campaign” is making its way around social media, giving girls the opportunity to say, “I’m beautiful, and so are my twenty friends!” Last week (February 22nd – 28th) was National Body Week. Dove celebrated by starting a trend on Twitter – #SpeakBeautiful. And then there’s our favorite girl-crush, JLaw, who always promotes…well, food.

So, I wanted to give you a friendly reminder that you’re awesome. So keep smiling! 

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