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By: Caroline Gomez

It’s the time of year where we usually have to say goodbye to our adorable strappy sandals and colorful tank tops. Which only get replaced with bulky statement coats and extravagant denims, but this fall fashion season may be different. With new trends like socks and sandals (a sentence I never thought I would say) and layering of shirts, we might be able to keep our beloved summer staples in our wardrobes for another season. 



With this trend straight from the runway, during this fall season we will look fashionable while keeping our toes warm! The socks and sandals trend is one that may be quite cringey to some, but show them this runway version, to change their mind. This trend also allows us to wear our strappy sandals for more than one season, making it okay to spend the extra cash on a gorgeous pair!


This very 90’s inspired look, gives us another occasion to show off our flashy or basic tank tops. Layering has always been in throughout all seasons, but this trend of layering tank tops on top of warmer clothes allows us to bear the approaching winter weather, while still holding onto our favorite pieces from the summer. 



Statement jackets give layering a whole different definition! The fall and winter seasons are notorious for their jackets and coats, but adding that level of detail and boldness to make it a statement jacket, gives you a step above the rest. Statement jackets/coats allow you to show how fashionable you are on the outside while also having a bomb outfit on underneath. 



Denim is one piece of clothing that is worn throughout all of the seasons, but denim certainly dominates in the fall. With denim pants, denim jackets and all other denim accessories, fall is it’s time to shine. Denim can be extravagant in many ways in the fall, whether that be a different cut of jeans, a new embellishment, or a new color, denim is definitely versatile, especially for fall.


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