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Easy Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. But for a broke college student who can’t go trick or treating anymore, it can seem more daunting than fun. But fear not, because I have a list of five easy ways to celebrate Halloween that won’t have you sleeping through your Thursday 8am.


  1. Watch a festive movie

Nothing feels better on a cold October night than to snuggle up in your dorm room. Grab a few friends and get cozy under blankets and pillows. Binge on all the popcorn, candy and pumpkin spiced lattes you can find. For a classic, Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Halloween Town are universal crowd pleasers. Halloween, The Babadook and The Conjuring are all great if you are looking for something a bit more spooky.


     2. Go to a haunted house

Half the fun of Halloween is getting scared right? The season has tons of haunted rides and mansions popping up all over America. Wandering through the dark alone, getting jump scared by zombies and chain saw murderers is the perfect way to celebrate. Bonus points if you get a goofy photo of you and your friends screaming at the top of your lungs.


  3. Go ghost hunting

Almost every college has some kind of scary urban legend or violent history surrounding it. Halloween is the perfect excuse to investigate. Try ordering some ghost hunting tools or a Ouja board online. You might end up having a supernatural experience you’ll never forget


 4. Have a dance party

Dancing is the funnest and easiest way to burn off all that Halloween candy and make room for Thanksgiving turkey. Create a playlist filled with Halloween classics like The Monster Mash and Thriller. Even better if you can convince your friends to join you in games like musical chairs, freeze dance and limbo.


  5. Costume Contest

Halloween isn’t Halloween if you don’t get the chance to dress up. Costumes don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Even a plaid crop top, denim shirt, and makeup can be a killer scarecrow look. Transform your look for the day with a few close friends, maybe up the stakes and offer a candy gift basket to the winner. Why not use this is an excuse to have an amazing costumed photo shoot?


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