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A Day in the Life of Marist’s Student Body President: Timos Pietris


How did you get involved in student government?

Two years ago I ran for freshman class president.  It was me against 12 people…and I lost.  So, my first time in student government did not go well.  But then second semester, my brother, who was a junior at the time decided that after the election had been frozen during Spring 2014, that he would run for Student Body President.  So once elections got un-frozen, he kind of just looked at me and was like ‘do you want to do this?’ and I said yeah, why not.  So last year I was the Executive Vice President and then I decided to run for Student Body President for this year! And now here we are!


What’s your favorite part about being president?

It’s an opportunity to help people.  It’s tough using the phrase “to help people that can’t help themselves” but mostly, it’s not that they physically can’t, it’s that they don’t have the means to.  The thought occurred to me last year that maybe I should just cut it at Vice President or become VP again, or even become one of the cabinet members and not have the role of Student Body President but then I realized that I have the means to be president.  I have met all these people and developed such great connections with the college that it’s kind of my duty as a member of the community to do something to help other people.  That’s my favorite part of the job, being able to give back to a college that has given me so much and to the people who have given me so much.   


What’s your least favorite part?

My least favorite part is when you can’t motivate people.  Whether it’s actual board members of student government where you’re trying to motivate them to go above and beyond and it’s not just clicking with them, that’s the frustrating part.  When they finally do come around (and they always do), and you finally get them to click and focus a little more and jump into things a bit better, that’s great. 

There’s also a lot of students who are indifferent to the issues on campus.  A lot of students are just more comfortable complaining to their friends about particular issues and that’s my least favorite part hearing that because there’s SO much that we can do at this college and there’s people out there who feel like they’re voiceless, but they really do have a voice. We can make changes with student support so if more students would use their voice and get on board, changes could happen more efficiently. 

The most frustrating part is when you can’t motivate people to use the voice that they already have. 


Did you have time to be involved with anything else on campus?

I am a tour guide on the weekends when I don’t have class because my weekday schedule is so busy and I have to be available for meetings.  I’m also in the fraternity, Zeta Psi. 


Any special projects you’re working on?

So I was fortunate enough to be able to work with upward bound this summer.  Because of that, I was living here on campus all summer so I was able to meet with Deb DiCaprio several times about a providing a shuttle program here on campus now that students can’t have a car until they have 50 credits.  Student Government realizes that this is a big inconvenience for students, so I brought it to the attention of the board of trustees and told them we have to work on making up the difference and providing alternative ways for students to get around.  With that being said, on September 17th of this year, the Ride the Fox shuttle program launched. Additionally a small group and I have been working on a shuttle with Dutchess County.  Students will soon have free access to all of Dutchess County shuttles.  It will pick up on Fulton St. at Beck Lot and it will run to the train station, the Residence Inn, the Poughkeepsie Plaza, into the city of Poughkeepsie, Walmart, all the way down Route 9 and all the way to Dutchess County.  We were hoping it would start this semester but now it’s scheduled to start late December.  It’s going to be an everyday thing and run all through out the day.  There’s four different lines, A, B, C, D.


Whats the coolest thing you get to do as president?

Selfies with DJM.  My favorite picture is from last year accepted students day when it was me, Dr. Murray and Mrs. Murray and we were all doing the hand sign of the fox and took a selfie.

What’s the latest you’ve ever stayed in the office?

Stayed all night and slept in the chair and on the floor 


What is a typical day in your life ?

A Sample Wednesday in the Day of the life of Timos

9:30- Abstract algebra class

11:00- 12:30 – Student Life Committee Board of Trustees Meeting

12:30-1- SGA meeting

1-1:30- Lunch in dining hall

1:30- 2 Office Hours

2:00-5:30 – Sat in on Presidential search committee meeting

5:30- Back to the Office- answered e-mails and then did homework

6:00- dinner in the dining hall

7:00- Back to the office, answer some more emails and do my homework for my 9:30 class on Thursday.


So, Timos for 2016-2017? If I survive this year.


Hi! My name's Kaleigh I'm a Senior at Marist College studying Psychology and Special Education.
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