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Campus Celeb: Megan Carroll

Year: Junior 
Major: Math 
Hometown: Croton, New York 
Why She’s a Celeb: Meagan is always doing something on campus! She is the PR/Marketing Chair for Student Programming Council, works for College Activities and International Programs, and is a member of Autism Speaks U and…and when she’s not involved in some kind of club/job/activity, you can find her working with her classmates on math homework! 
HC: So you’re a busy girl, how do you manage to get everything done? 
MC: I’m a big advocate of a to-do list, keeping my self organized, and systematically crossing things off.
HC: What made you get involved in Student Programming Council and run to be on the eboard? 
MC: I loved going to the events and I thought they were fun. Initially aspired to be the bingo caller, but I was elected to be the PR/Marketing Chair. Now, I’m loving every second of being a glorified five year old, making posters and coloring everyday. 
HC: What are some other fun things you like to do, when you do get free time? 
MC: I like to go to Zumba (if it fits in my schedule), watch Scandal and Grimm, when I do get free time. And, of course, eat brownies with my wonderful friend Cristina. 
HC: Finally, what made you chose what some would call the worst major ever: Math? 
MC: Well, I don’t know who calls it that. [Laughs] I don’t know, I’ve always liked math and freshman year, my professor suggested that I declare it and that I could change it if I don’t like it. And clearly, it stuck. 
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