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Campus Celeb: Kelly McDonough

Kelly McDonough is a bubbly, happy person who I guarantee you’ve seen smiling or waving at you around campus.  Kelly is a Psychology/Special Education major with a minor in Spanish from Port Washington, Long Island. She is also a first year RA in Gartland, a member of Residence Hall Council, National Residence Hall Honorary, Teachers of Tomorrow, Campus Ministry, and the Webmaster for Red Ink. Talk about a busy girl! When she’s home, Kelly volunteers for the Port Washington Fire Department and babysits her adorable nephew, Gavin.

HC: What’s your favorite Marist moment?

KM: There’s so many!

HC: Well think about it, I’ll come back to it. How do you like being an RA? Is it what you expected?

KM: No. It’s hard being an RA, but at the same time, it’s rewarding. It’s hard because of the deadlines and everything, but at the same time I love it. I know what my responsibilities are.

HC: Are you glad you became an RA? Would you recommend it?KM: Yeah, I love it. I would tell them if you’re in it for the money, don’t bother; you have to want the responsibility and want to do it.

HC: Any luck with that memory?

KM: Yeah, one of my favorite moments was last year when we had a potluck surprise party for one of our friends Taylor who was transferring schools.

HC: Are you currently in a relationship?

KM: Yes.

HC: How’d you meet him?

KM: I met him at a blood drive.

HC: A blood drive? Care to elaborate?

KM: I did not donate blood. He fainted so I started laughing and I felt bad so I invited him to sit with me and my mom for dinner. And then we went to get ice cream. 

HC: What’s one thing you have to do before you graduate?KM: Well I already pet a groundhog, so the next thing to do is the slip ‘n slide in front of the library. Can I add one thing? I couldn’t do college without my friends.

HC: Aww that’s so sweet. Your friends must be pretty cool. One more question.

KM: Yes?

HC: What is your theme song this year?

KM: It’s gotta be a tie between “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift and “Gonna Know We Were Here” by Jason Aldean.

Paige Moran is a Senior at Marist College with a major in Secondary English Education, concentration in Literature, and minors in Psychology, and Global Studies. When Paige isn't proofreading all of her friend's papers you can find her petting any nearby dogs and puppies, reading, blasting good tunes, or adventuring with her friends and her camera. 
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