Book Addict? Discover Goodreads

Ever since I was young, I have loved ot read. I have been a fan of a wide range of novels over the years, from biographies about JFK to mysteries by Agatha Christie, even YA romances by Sarah Dessen. Yet, I always had trouble remembering books I have read, and what books I should look for at the library. The latter generally leads me to reading ANOTHER Agatha Christie book, which is fine, but I found that I wanted to find more authors to read. This is how I discovered Goodreads.

What is it exactly?

Goodreads is a site for reading enthusiasts. The front page even says “Meet Your Next Favorite Book.” It lists pretty much every book you can think of, and more, used at your discretion. Here's why. 

  1. It is the perfect place to remember books you read. I have a running list of books I have read, right now sitting at 84 that I could remember when I started using Goodreads. This way, I can look back and say “Oh yeah, I did read Lord of The Flies” or “Nope, I still need to read Catch 22." 

  2.  You can plan-out books you want to read. I started a list of books I wanted to read… which is now super, like embarrassingly long, and I love searching through it to see what I want to read next. You can even order them.  

  3. There are Giveaways!  What’s better than a book? A free one! Everyday, GoodReads has dozens of giveaways, offering everything from children’s books to John’s Green newest novel. I have won a few myself, and it was pretty great. Plus, you often get it signed by the author! And shipping is free too. 

  4. Connect with friends. You can start conversations, see what your friends are reading, and what books they have enjoyed. You can even sync other social media sites with it in order to find your friends easily and share updates. 

  5. Follow favorite authors. Huge fan of Stephen King? Maybe James Dashner is more your style. Either way, you can follow them on this site, joining in on discussions and book launches.

Enjoy GoodReads, and enjoy reading!