"Big Little Lies:" The Show Everyone Needs To Watch

Over winter break I had one goal and one goal only--to finally check off some of the shows I’ve been meaning to watch for months now.  My “Shows To Watch” list had grown quite lengthy, and what better a time than the college student’s “month of no responsibility” to start making a dent in it?

After completing the universally loved “Stranger Things” (a little late to the party) and going through multiple existential crises while viewing a couple episodes of “Black Mirror,” I decided to indulge in possibly the best first season of T.V. that I have ever seen--“Big Little Lies.”

It is clear that I am not alone in my obsession with this new HBO series, given the fact that it has earned multiple Golden Globes, including a nod for Best Limited Series or Television Movie.  With an exceptional cast including, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, and Zoe Kravitz, “Big Little Lies” is truly empowering.  

The show explores motherhood, friendship, and sisterhood.  However, what is most captivating about this show is what lies beneath the surface of coffee dates and school drop offs.  The very real and dark issues of bullying, divorce, sexual assault and domestic abuse are also displayed in this series.  “Big Little Lies” handles these devastating issues with elegance, showing just how important and empowering sisterhood is, as well as how strong and resilient mothers can be.

The performances in this series are outstanding, and with Meryl Streep joining the cast, season 2 can’t come fast enough.  “Big Little Lies” is such an important show, and despite some dark themes, it gives me hope for this world.