The Best Moments From Harry Styles' "Adore You" Music Video

Harry Styles has done it yet again!  On Friday, he released yet another hit from his upcoming album, "Fine Line."  The song, "Adore You" was accompanied by an amazing music video, one that made me both weep in sadness and giggle with fangirl glee.  Styles created an entire island called Eroda (Adore backwards, so clever) for this production, and depicts his blossoming friendship with an unexpected companion.  Here are some of the best moments from this masterpiece.

When Harry and a golden fish save each other and start their beautiful friendship 

When Harry's smile shines so bright he blinds these two women and somehow magically creates an artistic hair style.  

When Harry and his fish friend agree on the fact that fish food is disgusting.

So Harry feeds the fish a miniature taco instead.

When Harry tells the fish he would, "Walk through fire" for it.

When Harry carries his new friend via see-through backpack up to the top of a scenic hill.

And then they dance together adorably.

Everything about this.

And this.

When everyone in Eroda come together to save Harry's fish friend and return it to the ocean, resulting in them all learning how to smile.

And finally, when Harry sets sail, releasing his pent up emotions in order to push the boat forward, and heads on the journey that is life.