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Best Halloween Candies

Okay, these may not be the BEST Halloween candies, but here are my top five favorites – all of which just happen to be chocolate. Hey, it’s one of the best comfort foods! (: It is almost the end of the month and the holiday is drawing near, so be sure to grab a handful of these!


5. Twix

The underdog of chocolate candies, in my opinion! This delicacy consists of a biscuit cookie covered by caramel and milk chocolate. This simple yet scrumptious combination creates for a great candy. They also have white chocolate and peanut butter versions (my FAVORITE).

4. KitKat

This classic candy is another crispy treat. This chocolate-covered bar contains layers of thin wafer pieces separated by inner layers of more chocolate There are hundreds of different flavors, especially in Japan, with ones like ginger ale, creme brulee, and green tea. You can grab one in a regular pack of 4 or 8 or in the form of a “Big Kat.” <3


3. Mounds

UNDERRATED. Both these and Almond Joys are often forgotten about but oh so delicious. Mounds contain a filling of shredded coconut and coated in dark chocolate. Almond Joys have an almond crowning the top, which is delicious, but I prefer the smooth texture without one. Mounds take your taste buds on a ~tropical vacation.~


2. Snickers

One of the most popular candy bars to date, this gem consists of nougat topped with caramel and peanuts and covered with milk chocolate. There are several kinds, such as dark chocolate, peanut butter, protein, extra caramel, and even ice cream bars. I love the smooth texture of the caramel matched with the crunchiness of the nuts. <3


1. Reese’s

MY FAVORITE CANDY EVER. As made clear by the list, I LOVE peanuts and peanut butter. These candies come with any type of chocolate – milk, dark, or white. Different variations include pumpkins and eggs, which in my opinion, have the perfect chocolate-peanut butter ratio <3 As we near the holiday season, I am accepting Reese’s trees donations!!


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