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Being Tired of Winter, As Told By Nick Miller

Spring can’t come fast enough! While the winter can be cozy and snow can be pretty to look at, cold weather isn’t fun when it’s been here for so long! 

1. When snow isn’t in the forecast and you look outside and sure enough, it’s snowing. This results in some major confusion. (Not enough to cancel class though, bummer!) 

2. You seriously miss your tan, spending time outside, and enjoying the warm weather. 

3. You’ve given up trying to be fashionable because the only cute outfits you own are summer clothes. 

4. When it’s above 20 degrees for once and you feel #blessed. 

5. When you have major cabin fever from being stuck inside for so long after a snowstorm so you do anything to distract yourself from the fact you’re bored out of your mind.

6. When you realize you forgot your scarf at home walking to your 8 am. 

7. But no worries, winter can’t last forever. It will be spring soon enough!  

Image Credit: Bustle. 

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