Anna Carbone in A Chorus Line

This week I got the chance to talk with one of the amazing stars of this week’s MCCTA performance, “A Chorus Line.” Anna Carbone and the rest of the cast have been preparing for this performance since October and I know I’m not the only one who’s SO incredibly excited to see it all come together on stage this week!

Anna’s passion for theatre first presented itself when she was in second grade. Her mom was working at a high school in Westchester, New York at the time and the students were doing a production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

“I was absolutely mesmerized by the way people were able to tell stories through song and dance. I enrolled in theatre camp that summer and never looked back!” Anna reflects back and describes her mother’s appreciation for music and theatre and how that developed in her own admiration for this art form.

Anna’s first memory of being on stage, though, was when she was five at her first ballet recital.  “I’ve been told that I was whispering to my fellow ballerinas on stage, trying to help them do the right moves and move to correct places.” It seems like she was always meant to be on stage! And at age seven, Anna joined a summer camp for theatre and performed in “Annie!”

Since then, Anna has performed in a variety of dance recitals and other theatrical productions and believes that these performances have shaped her into who she is today.

“Knowing that you have the power to change even one person’s day, or impact the way that they think of something because of your unique ability to tell a story is a gift that every performer is lucky enough to carry with them each time they’re on stage. Performing helped me realize at a young age just how much of a difference you can make through your story. It’s given me the confidence to take risks and live each day fully.”

Performing on stage is a thrilling experience, one that is completely unparalleled to anything else. Anna speaks fondly of the adrenaline rush she gets when onstage and the feeling of being in a cast. “I feel most present and in the moment when I’m performing, because in those moments, your story is all that matters. Also, I love the feeling of being in a cast. When you’re part of a cast, you’re instantly part of an incredible team and family. Working together to tell the world something? It doesn’t get any better.”

Anna’s involvement in “A Chorus Line” will be her fourth production here at Marist. The entire cast has been preparing for this week since last semester.  Dance workshops were held in October to familiarize everyone with the choreography and auditions were held in November. Since then, the entire cast has been working non-stop and even came back from winter break a week early to have daily 12 hour rehearsals! Anna compares this auditioning experience to the story behind “A Chorus Line.” “The audition process was just as exhilarating as it was draining and intense. It was so exciting to be in a room with SUCH an immense amount of talent.”

Not only has Anna been preparing physically, but she has also been mentally equipping herself to be the character of Cassie.

 “The character of Cassie is really dense and a lot to think about. I connect to her personally on a lot of levels and did a TON of research on Donna McKechnie, who the character is based off of, throughout the rehearsal process. Before going on stage, I think about the journey that this character has been on, as well as the journey that I’ve been on, and try to make sure the audience sees her the way I see her! I think acting is the ULTIMATE form of expressing empathy.”

“A Chorus Line” will be Anna’s senior performance, as it will be for many other performers this week, and she’s sad to see this era of her life come to a close. “I’ve met some of the most amazing people I know that I really look up to and admire,” Anna states, “I’ve learned so much from so many people and am in awe of them each day.” She will definitely miss performing at Marist, but Anna doesn’t anticipate stopping anytime soon! Performing will be a constant presence in Anna’s life no matter what road she chooses after graduation. She is extremely thankful for the experiences she has had thus far at Marist. “I know I’ll look back on my theatrical experiences here with so much gratitude and appreciation.”

We wish you all the best, Anna!