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Amazing Shows To Watch–For All Different Kinds of People

The best season, Fall, has arrived! Sadly, that also means winter is approaching fast. During these upcoming cold nights, everyone’s favorite past time is to binge watch TV. Whether it be on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu, here are some shows that are perfect for all different kinds of people…

For The One Who Loves Action:

Jack Ryan (Only on Amazon Prime)

A thrilling show surrounding analyst Jack Ryan (played by the beautifully amazing John Krasinski, aka Jim Halpert) as he travels to different countries hunting down the bad guys. It’s interesting, and will definitely satisfy your needs for a good adventure!

For The One Who Loves Drama:

The Vampire Diaries

I mean, what’s better than some saucy drama about Nina Dobrev dating a vampire or two in a world where mythical creatures exist? This show has some pretty good-looking guys and is packed with drama in each episode.

For The One Who Likes to Laugh:

Grace and Frankie (Only on Netflix)

This show, hands down, is my all-time favorite show. The characters are lovable and quirky, basing off of Grace and Frankie’s drastically different personalities. It follows a hippie and a saavy businesswoman and their travels in life after their husbands marry each other. Yep. You read that right.

For The One Who Likes Supernatural:


Two, very attractive guys, hunt down and kill supernatural monsters in this show. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are gods as they slay evil ghosts and other beasts while making some quirky jokes. But seriously, nothing is better than looking at these two men on your screen…

For The Ones Who Like Baking Shows:

Nailed It! (Only on Netflix)

This show is unlike any other baking show I have seen. Instead of perfectly designed desserts, the cakes and cookies are just awful. It is funny and more interesting to watch people who have no idea what they are doing than the pros.

I’m Samantha Vaught, a student at Marist College majoring in Communications!
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