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8 Essential Items to Pack for Marist

1.   Fox-themed apparel and accessories

Once you become a part of the Red Fox Nation, you will start seeing Marist’s mascot everywhere.  Sweaters, mugs, folders; you name it and there is a version out there with a fox printed on the front!  Keep an eye out for cute doo-dads and clothes that you can use to subtly support your new school.

2.   Fully stocked beach tote

With no beach in sight to enjoy during the warmer months, students here improvise with “Marist Beach.”  Picture this: frisbee games, tanning and outdoor studying on the hill in front of the library. You’ll want to be well prepared with a beach towel, sunglasses and a tote to carry your books in so you can take in the sun with your friends.

3.   Lanyard

Freshman year at Marist means lots of swiping, swiping, swiping.  You’ll need to use your ID card for the dining hall, club meetings and to enter your residence hall.  Make it easier to locate your card and mail key by throwing both on a cute lanyard of your choice and eliminate prolonged bag-digging. (Wisdom from upperclassmen: don’t wear the lanyard around your neck! Play it cool and keep it in your pocket or bag.)

4.   Windbreaker

Free resistance training is provided to all Marist students who chose to brave the path in front of the library and Champ on windy days.  The Hudson River creates wind tunnels that can be a pain to charge through when you’re running late to your 8 a.m. class.  Wearing a windbreaker or rain jacket will save you from showing up looking overly windblown.

5.   Small cross-body bag

During nights out you will want to be as hands-free as possible!  A small cross-body bag will let you stash some cash, a phone and other small essentials without weighing you down.  Solid colors that match your wardrobe palette make outfit coordination even simpler.

6.   Fan

No air conditioning in the freshman dorms makes for warm nights your first few weeks at Marist!  Be sure to pack at least one small fan to help circulate air throughout the room and remember to open your windows for a breeze from the Hudson.

7.   Flash drive

All computers on campus delete saved documents every night.  Avoid emailing all your big papers to yourself from the library by sticking important assignments on a flash drive.  It’s an added bonus if it can clip on to your useful lanyard!

8.   Professional Outfit

When job fairs and mock interviews are hosted on campus, you will want to have a go-to business casual outfit at the ready.  Additionally, some professors will ask you dress professionally for class presentations.  Simple black bottoms such as a skirt or pants are easy to pair with a classic button-down or dressy top.  Packing versatile flats or short heels will assure you are ready for any opportunity that comes your way!

And most importantly: come ready to explore Marist and make it your new home!

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Lizzy is a co-campus correspondent at Marist College where she is majoring in communication and minoring in studio art, spanish and psychology. She runs for the cross country and track teams, is a member of the dance ensemble and PRSSA and serves as the Class of 2016 President. Lizzy is a self-diagnosed peanut butter addict and a fan of snail mail. Follow her on Twitter @ellpeps.
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