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6 Must-Listens for the Month of September

Need some new jams to add to your queue while kicking off the school year? We’ve got you covered. Check out these six picks – you may even find a new favorite!


1.  “Body” by Loud Luxury

This song never fails to get you and your friends off your feet and dancing. Blow off some steam with this Loud Luxury jam.

2. “Magic In The Hamptons” by Social House ft. Lil Yachty

Have the summer blues? We get it. Listen to “Magic In The Hamptons” to bring back those sweet summer vibes while jaunting around campus.


3. “Sativa” by Jhene Aiko and Swae Lee

Jhene and Swae Lee (from Rae Sremmurd) came together on this vibey track to give you the perfect sultry anthem.


4. “You’re Not Wrong” by Wet

The leaves are changing, the Hudson River is glimmering, those famous campus sunsets are showing themselves over the horizon. Listen to this beautifully upbeat song to coordinate with the view all around you.

5. “Bloom” by The Paper Kites

Cozy up to this song at the end of the month for a sense of calm and a kickstart to fall.

6. “Successful” by Ariana Grande

You just aced a test, landed an internship, or got your paycheck in the mail – you’re feelin’ successful AF. Turn up the volume on this new Ariana Grande track and remind yourself of how much of a girl boss you are.


Marley Gifford is a junior Communications major with a minor in fashion merchandising at Marist College. She loves fashion, traveling, the ocean, her family, and her dogs, Maggie and Pepper.
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