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5 Top Tropical Spring Break Packing Items

By: Jennifer Hamilton

This semester is zooming by and now spring break is only two weeks away. If you are planning on going on a vacation, with your friends, family, or significant other this spring break and didn’t realize how soon it was here is a list of items you won’t want to leave in Poughkeepsie.

  1. Swimsuits: Starting out with the basic necessities you are going to want to bring a swimsuit (or multiple) for swimming in the ocean, tanning, and taking cute pictures for instagram

  2. Sunscreen: You don’t want to come back to Marist looking like a lobster so don’t forget to bring sunscreen for UV protection

  3. Headphones: For either the plane ride or for relaxing on the beach, listening to music is always a nice way to pass time

  4. Tank tops and tube tops: Right now in NY it’s cold, but in two weeks on a tropical vacation it won’t be. Don’t forget all your summery clothes to stay cool while looking cute

  5. Waterproof Makeup: While swimming and soaking up the sun, you want to stay looking your best so don’t forget waterproof makeup or setting spray in order for your makeup to look fresh all day.

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