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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed Until College

Shopping for back to school is an art form. Every year, I cultivate a list of things I need that’s longer than most of my term papers. Even though it’s the end of September, I still remember things I need that I didn’t pick up during my many months of preparation. 

Thanks to Her Campus and the awesome sponsors in our “Back to School Survival Kit,” I’ll be set for an awesome semester.

1. Face Masks

How could I have forgotten this one? Between late night study sessions and even later nights out, a replenishing face mask is the remedy to tired skin.

I’m obsessing over the Feeling Beautiful Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask by Freeman Beauty. The Charcoal in this bad boy removes all the toxins on your skin, while the black sugar erases the dead skin and build up. If your skin is feeling dry, try Freeman Beauty’s Avocado/Oatmeal Clay Mask. This mask softens and nourishes the skin while purifying imperfections.

2. A water bottle – that doesn’t leak.

I never knew what I was missing until I received the Forge Divide Mug from CamelBak. Not only can you throw this mug in your bag, but using it only requires one hand. With the press of the seal, you’re on your way to an easier coffee/tea experience- one that doesn’t stain your papers or textbooks by leaking!

I’ve used CamelBak products before, but this mug is by far my favorite!

3. A red lipstick

My “going out” wardrobe consists of black, black and more black. On nights when I want to add something sultry to my dark ensemble, I love throwing on this The Only 1” Red lip from Rimmel London.

The best thing about this lipstick? There’s no need for any additional gloss for this bad boy- the color is very opaque and pigmented, almost like an expensive department store brand.

4. Sheer black tights

The weather has officially switched from summer heat to fall chill, which means the days of summer dresses and bare legs are gone. But, with the help of these sheer black tights by L’eggs, I can still wear dresses without feeling completely bare.

5. A wearable way to stay safe

Whether you’re studying abroad or staying close to Marist this semester, this Wearsafe Tag by Wear Safe Labs is something you need for your personal safety. This device is awesome, and it acts as a portable GPS tracker that clips onto the body. In a time of need, this little device sends for help with the push of a button, virtually working faster than a cell phone. Hopefully, you’ll never need to put this bad boy to us, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Anna Marotta is a Junior at Marist College where she is studying Marketing. She is extremely right-brained and loves to write, create, and travel. You can find Anna with her ten best friends at Lola's Cafe or stalking dogs on Marist Beach. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram! @annarosemarotta 
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