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5 Places to Study on Campus When You’re Sick of the Library

When I first came to Marist, I practically lived in the library. But, lately, I’ve found myself getting a little bored with the same old routine. If you live on campus and want to switch up your study space, consider these five locations.

1. Hancock 

As a Communications major, I never found myself in Hancock very often. One day, when a friend told me that the Starbucks in Hancock is better than the Library, I decided that I needed to check it out for myself. Once I spotted the fireplace, I fell in love. Hancock has plenty of chairs and couches that are actually comfortable, as well as large tables that work perfectly for when you need to collaborate on a group project. Make sure to check out Hancock in the winter time, because is there a better way to study than cozying up next to a fireplace? I think not. 

2. Donnelly Lounge

What?! There’s a lounge in Donnelly? As of this year, there is. And let me just say, it is beautiful. Grab something to eat from the café, then head across the hall to sit at the “bar.” The Donnelly Lounge also does not disappoint when it comes to comfy seating. The next time you’re in the registrar stressing about overriding a class, hang out in the lounge to relax and unwind. 

3. Lowell Thomas

I know my fellow Comm majors will agree with me when I say we basically live in LT. Since five out of my six classes are in LT, I figured that I may as well find a spot to hang out and get work done while I’m there. LT has plenty of tables and couches on both the ground floor and second floor. It’s very convenient for collaboration, as they have numerous large tables that make it easy to spread out work and study materials. Before it gets too cold out, definitely take advantage of their outdoor seating; it’s in the shade, which means you can work outside and actually be able to see your computer screen. 

4. Outside of the new Science and Allied Health Building

This may only be an option in warmer weather, but if you live on the *other* side of campus, it’s a nice place to study outside when you don’t feel like walking all the way to the main campus. This small area with tables and chairs is a convenient location where you can study and work on your tan at the same time.

5. Third Floor of the Student Center

We’ve all been to the student center, but have you ever considered studying there? Along with tables that are the perfect size for one or two people, the SC has some pretty comfy couches. Visit the student center if you ever want to lay out on the couch and get some work done. 


Images courtesy of Julia Halsey. 

Julia is a Public Relations and Advertising major studying at Marist College. She has three loves: writing, eating, and traveling. Her lifetime goal is to pursue a career in which she can fulfill all three of these passions. 
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