5 Fun Things to Do in The Hudson Valley This Fall

Fall has officially arrived!  Here are some fun activities to do in the Hudson Valley this season:

1. Head over to Dubois Farms!

Pick up some pumpkins, apples, and more!  Afterwards, be sure to head over to the Market and Cafe and get yourself some apple cider donuts!


2.  Go to Kevin McCurdy’s Haunted Mansion if you dare...

The adrenaline one experiences after going through a haunted house is unparalleled.  So grab your friends and head over to this beautifully terrifying haunted mansion!


3. Take a Hike at Hyde Park Trail!

Hike through the peaceful trails that are connected to the FDR National Historic site and the Vanderbilt Park and Mansion.  The trail is right off the Hudson River and is certainly full of beautiful views and wildlife this time of year.  


4.  Go to Hyde Park Farmers Market!

Farmer’s Markets are a must during the Fall season.  Visit Hyde Park and grab some fruit, vegetables and food in addition to enjoying some music and crafts!


5.  Take a walk on the Walkway over the Hudson!

While this is a great activity year-round, walking over the Hudson in the Fall is extraordinary.  The views of fall foliage from the walkway are absolutely stunning and a must-see.