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22 Ways to Be the Best Possible You

Take a few moments to reflect and try these 22 simple tips for becoming the best possible version of yourself.

1. Do not let the past bring you down. There is a reason it was left behind.

2. Try new things; explore what you like and don’t like.

3. Do not doubt yourself. Be confident in the decisions you make.

4. Be adventurous; there is so much more than just that one small town.

5. Meet new people. See life from a new perspective, not just your own bubble.

6. Stay positive, things always get better.

7. Learn from older generations. Family members, coaches, teachers: they’ve all experienced more than we have.

8. Realize you’re not always right. Apologize when you’ve hurt someone.

9. Even more so, forgive. Forgive people for their mistakes, we all make them.

10. Go out of your way for people without expecting anything in return.

11. It’s not all about success. Happiness is just as important.

12. Never let the people who care about you most walk out of your life. Ask them how they are, show that you value them.

13. Voice your opinion. Its a great skill to have that can lead you a long way.

14. Take chances and risks. Don’t waste time wondering “what if.”

15. Spend time with your family. They will always have your back.

16. Recognize that people will break your heart, but don’t dwell on it. It will only bring you down when you should work on getting back up.

17. You are your own person. Don’t define yourself by societal norms.

18. Enjoy the moment when you reach a goal you worked hard for. These mini victories are important to celebrate.

19. Be respectful. That thing you really want to say is probably better off never said. Anger has a great way of hurting people.

20. Find yourself in each experience you go through. You’ll spend your whole life finding yourself, but its those who recognize it who can truly define themselves.

21. Don’t compare yourself. You are not her, you are not him, nor will you ever be. You are you.

22. Smile. It reinforces a sense of positivity, and more importantly draws people toward your energy. 

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