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22 Thoughts We Had After the Sherlock Series Finale

WARNING: If you have not watched Sherlock: The Final Problem, stop reading now. This post contains spoilers. 

For all those Cumberbitches out there, Armageddon has come. That’s right, Sherlock has ended. The series that brought our favorite drug-addict detective to life in his best form (Sorry, Robert Downey Jr.), has reached its dénouement. While we can all agree we will miss our favorite on-screen bromance, we can also agree that the final episode was…weird. 

1. Well that was disappointing. I don’t think that’s how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle imagined it.

2. Is this really the end? We need a shock blanket!



3. I’ve never been so confused in my entire life. 

4. Was she in the house or in the airplane?


5. How did she record the little girl on the plane’s (who didn’t really exist) responses to Sherlock’s questions?

6. How did a little girl get “Little Kid Redbeard” (not the dog) into a well? Did she have super-strength as well as being a super-genius? 

7. Where were the parents while their daughter was being a psychopath?

8. How did three such extraordinary children come from such daft parents?

9. How did Sherlock handle talking to Molly after that whole “I love you-but-just-because-I-thought-you-were-going-to-be-blown-to-bits” thing?

10. Did anyone else love The Importance of Being Earnest references as much as we did?

11. We really could have done without this whole sister storyline. So the first three seasons all happened because of her? She has too much time on her hands.

12. Mycroft broke our hearts on more than one occasion in this episode. But also infuriated us because well, it was all his fault!

13. When he tried to bait Sherlock into shooting him so Sherlock wouldn’t lose another best friend. Ugly crying ensued. 

14. She did all of this because she wanted attention? That was one hell of a temper tantrum.

15. Who is actually taking care of John’s baby during all of this?

16. Why was Molly having such a bad day?

17. How did Mary – an annoying liar killer assassin who we all hated last season, come to be everyone’s favorite life coach?

18. Why did she spend so much time planning post-mortem messages? Morbid much?

19. Why can’t we all enter a room like Jim Moriarty? 

20. How did Mrs. Hudson vacuuming steal the show?

21. Why couldn’t the series finale be as good as the wedding episode? 

22. Benedict Cumberbatch, there will never be a better Sherlock. Thank you.

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