15 Signs You've Hit the February Slump as told by New Girl

1. Due to the overly large and puffy coat you’ve been sporting that completely doesn’t match your only pair of snow boots, some might say your outfit choices lately have been questionable. Oh well.

2. You’re really just too cold to care. Wind chill of -10 degrees? DON’T MAKE ME GO TO CLASS.

3. You’re at that point in the semester where you’re reevaluating all the academic decisions you made last fall…

“Why did I think it was okay to double major in English and Philosophy?”

“Why am I in this math class?”

“Why did I voluntarily sign up for an 8 a.m. in Fontaine??”

4. You’re also trying to relearn the art of BS’ing...I mean writing… long papers. Did I really do four of these in one week last semester?

5. Going out at night sounds about as appealing as watching paint dry. No thanks, I’ll stay in with my cup of tea and my nice, warm bed.

6. You’re confused about the fact that you now have to actually go to class on Monday. Wait, what?

7. You’re sick and tired of shoveling your car out only to come back from the long overdue trip to the grocery store to find that someone has already taken your spot. Shoveled parking spots are prime real estate during the winter – guard it at ALL costs.

8. You’re trying not to slip and fall on your butt right in front of everyone, but you also don’t want to look like an idiotic penguin trying to walk #thestruggleisreal

9. Any money you may have had left over from your summer job is most definitely gone or vanishing quickly. You tell yourself you’ll make a budget and stick to it, but we all know that’s easier said than done.

10. You haven’t even gotten to the hard work yet, but you’re already counting down the days until spring break so that you can be ANYWHERE but here.

11. You forgot what Marist Beach even looks like.

12. Your skin is dry and pale and just sad and you’re desperately trying to rejuvenate it but winter has other plans for you (thanks Mother Nature).

13. You’re really trying to avoid whatever plague is spreading across campus or, worse, in your dorm/house because ain’t nobody got time to be sick.

14. You’re learning to make do with whatever food is in your house because walking to the cafeteria sounds about as tempting as teaching old people to use technology.

15. You know there’s no promise that March will be any better, but there’s a one week break so – hey – you’ll take what you can get.