12 Signs You're Turning into Your Mom

As a rebellious teenager, you swore you’d never be like your mother. The older you get, the more you can’t imagine life without her. And whether you like it or not, you are becoming more and more like her every day. Sorry to tell you, but you’re definitely your mother’s clone if you can relate to any of the following:

1. You talk like her.

Her little one-liners used to annoy you, but now you catch yourself using them all the time. When you pick up the home phone, people mistake whom they’re talking to. You react to things the same way, and your laughs are probably indistinguishable.

2. “She would like” becomes “We would like”

She used to scold you for dressing too scandalously, but now you’re sharing closets. You buy clothes with the intentions of sharing with her, knowing that you’ll soon be wearing her extensive collection of scarves and necklaces.

3. People mistake you for sisters.

Your mannerisms and appearances are so alike that strangers think you’re sisters or friends before a mother-daughter duo. Your mother loves to hear this. And TBH, you don’t mind it too much either.

4. You explain things you do with “My mom does this.”

And, “I got it from my mom.” “My mom says this.” “My mom taught me that.” “My mom likes this.” You get the point.

5. You watch the same shows.

All of a sudden you’re as into HGTV as she is. You find yourself spending night-ins binge watching House Hunters, yelling at the screen together when the TV couple picks the wrong house.

6. You have the same sense of humor.

If your mom is on social media, your daily entertainment comes from the dozens of memes she sends you that made her LOL. But truth be told, they make you LOL, too.

7. You cry at everything.

As a kid, you didn’t understand why your mom would always cry during movies or when a certain song came on. Now you’re sitting in the theater crying together at Beauty and the Beast, and you have no shame.

8. You share the same interests.

Chances are your mom was more excited for you to turn 21 than you were, because now you can share a glass of wine with her legally. And all the time.

9. You don’t like the same people.

Her jerk of a boss? Your liar of an ex-boyfriend? That snooty waiter? Anyone who was mean to either of you? You best believe that you have each other’s backs without question.

10. You’re always on the same page.

What to do, where to eat and how to dress never turn into an argument, because you’re practically the same person and agree on just about everything.

11. You’re both annoyed by the same things.

A boy wearing saggy pants, a girl wearing a skirt that’s just a tad too short, people driving recklessly on the highway, that aggravating habit your dad has… it all bothers the two of you to no end.

12. She’s your best friend.

You gossip together. You laugh together. You eat together. You shop together. You learn from each other. You travel together. You ask each other for advice. You spend so much time together, but you never get sick of her.

Face it, you are your mom.