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11 Things You Can Do This Spring Break Other Than Going to the Beach

It’s that time of year! College campuses across the nation are being set free for spring break 2017. Many of us have been working on our beach bodies for months…I’m not one of them. I’m not taking a fancy trip to Florida or the Caribbean. Spring break can be fun without having to wear a bikini. There is plenty to do on spring break other than go to a beach.

You could look for a summer job: Responsible

Unless you are one of the lucky ones who already has their summer job or internship squared away, then looking during spring break is not only ideal but a good opportunity. Chances are companies are going to be hiring in March or April so you’re better off being ahead of the game and applying sooner rather than later. Not only is this free but it will end up making you money, and as a college student that is very very important.

You could plan a trip to the city: Easy, fun – $$

No matter where you live, there is probably a state within driving distance. Instead of travelling to another place, have a sort of staycation and visit your nearest city. Go exploring as if it is your first time. Check out the local hotspots. Try new foods. Go shopping. Take public transportation. And most of all, have fun.

You could read a book: Relaxing

While reading is not the most thrilling idea in the world, it can always be relaxing to spend your days laying around with a good book. Chances are you haven’t had much free time to read for leisure at school. Spring break is a perfect time to lounge around and curl up with the book you’ve had on your reading list for months. Best of all it’s relatively free!

You could start a new show: Enjoyable

College can get hectic, and you may need a good binge watching session. Scroll through Netflix and find a new show to start. Spend your week eating snacks and watching one episode after the other. Let responsibility slip away and start a new series. You’ll get hooked and once school comes back around you won’t want to hit pause.

You could get ahead on homework: Smart

Midterms may have just ended, but that doesn’t mean you have no assignments due. You might as well use spring break as a time to either catch up or get ahead of your assignments. You’ll thank yourself later when the rest of your class is pulling an all-nighter to finish the essay you completed over break.

You could visit your non-spring break friends: Exciting- $$

Not every college has break at the same time. You probably have a friend from home that isn’t off with you. Go visit them on the weekend and go to their local spots. You probably haven’t seen each other since second semester started so it is a good way to catch up and meet their college friends.

You could travel elsewhere: Adventurous – $$$

Visit somewhere new this spring break, that isn’t a beach. Go to New Orleans, Houston, Boston or New York City. If money really isn’t an option you could head overseas. Spring break is a perfect time to travel away from home. See somewhere that you’ve never been.

You could spend time with your family: Loving

It may be months since you’ve last seen your family. They probably miss you and would appreciate you spending your week with them. Go out to eat with your parents or siblings. Catch a movie with them, or even stay in your living room and just chat. Now that you’re in college and all grown up it is easy to forget to see your family. Take this week to reconnect.

You could catch up on your to-do list: Rewarding

Being in college means that you might not ever end up running over to the drug store to buy more detergent. Or maybe you’ve been meaning to hem that new dress you bought. Most people have a to-do list full of things that they keep putting off. Now is the week to check some boxes and get it done. It will feel rewarding to have a little less on your plate.

You could have a homecoming party: Entertaining

Throw a gathering with all your friends. It is a great way to get the gang back together and catch up with everyone at once. Even if you and your friends don’t all have the same week off, you probably overlap a weekend. Get together like old times.

You could go on a service trip: Heart-warming – $ 

Many programs through and outside of college host service trips during spring break. Help build a family a home, or re-sod a baseball field. Use your week off to help others who need it. Organizations like Habitat for Humanity are always looking for volunteers. There may even be a bit of travel involved.

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